Ask Billy: What Are the Benefits of a Centurion Gate Motor?

Centurion gate motors for residential and light industrial applications deliver market-leading security and convenience. Our feature-rich, well-priced gate openers are quick and easy to install, and our customer service is second to none.

Back in South Africa 35 years ago we never locked our doors. There was no need. We’d walk in and out of our neighbors’ homes without a second thought and business owners weren’t overly concerned with protecting their property. 


At that time, a motorized gate was something that I couldn’t have imagined ever needing. But times change. Security requirements have evolved since those good ol’ days, and not just in South Africa but in the U.S, too. 


These days, a gate motor is no longer an extravagant purchase; it’s an investment in your peace of mind. 

Gate Motors Deliver Safety and Convenience

Many people see gate motors as a luxury rather than a necessity, but I don’t think that’s the case. A motorized gate is a smart addition to any property owner’s existing security setup. If you have a garage motor or home security system, a perimeter gate opener is a logical extension that ensures you arrive home safely.


Motorized gates make your life easier, too. We live in modern times and convenience is expected, so why not invest in technology that you’ll benefit from every single day? Think about it: if your car has heated seats, why get out of your comfy and cozy vehicle to open your gate manually? What if it’s raining, or icy? 


Really, who wouldn’t want the convenience of accessing their property without having to heave open a hefty gate? I, for one, know that I don’t want to leave my air-conditioned vehicle to manually open my gate in the hot Texas heat!


A gate motor is also a smart property enhancement that’ll boost your curb appeal and potentially your sale price when you sell your home.

Centurion Gate Motors

If you’re going to buy a gate motor, it should be the most feature-rich option imaginable. Centurion gate motors are renowned for their impressive spec and they do everything you’ll ever need your gate motor to do. They are incredibly affordable to install and maintain, too: you’ll struggle to find another motorized gate product that offers the same balance of features, ease, and price-point. 

Built for Safety and Convenience

Centurion gate motors are packed with smart features that my customers love, including a handy inbuilt courtesy light. This light provides complete awareness of the surrounding area and guarantees that nobody is in the dark. It’s only on when needed, too, to conserve power and save money.


One of my personal favorite things about Centurion gate openers is the safety feature in the wireless keypads. It suspends operations if incorrect codes are continually punched in, so security isn’t breached even if the keypad somehow ends up in the wrong hands.

Small but Mighty

Despite being up to four times smaller than other models on the market, Centurion gate motors are far more secure. These openers are my pick for commercial and light industrial uses but if you’ve got a big, heavy gate it might still be more cost-effective to install two motors instead of an industrial actuator. Give me a call and I’ll gladly talk you through your options.

Easy Installation and Maintenance 

Installers love Centurion products because they’re so quick to install. Centurion’s manuals are comprehensive and easy to follow, and their wireless safety beams and keypad dramatically reduce installation time. 


Once the gate motor is installed, maintenance is minimal. In the past five years, I’ve only needed to visit a customer to attend to a motor twice: once for a blown fuse and once for a battery replacement. That’s how reliable they are! There are no parts to lubricate, so all our customers need to do is to keep an eye on the backup battery and to ensure that ants haven’t made a nest in the electronic components (it happens more than you might think). 


Depending on the existing installation, re-fits are pretty straightforward, too. We have both chain and gear drives for sliding gates and Centurion’s linear motor fitments are fairly universal. If you’re not sure how labor-intensive an upgrade on your existing gate system might be, give me a call and I’ll take a look. 

Built for Optimum Performance

This technology was developed for international markets where security is a serious endeavor, so its performance is more advanced than most locally available options. Unlike other gate motor solutions, Centurion products ensure that the gate can’t be lifted and the chain can’t be cut (this is how an intruder would typically access a property). 


Another great thing about Centurion’s heritage is that the products were designed for markets where power outages are common, so they come with backup battery systems as standard. This means that if the power supply fails, the gate can still be opened and closed and the security of the property is upheld. 

Which Centurion Gate Motor is Best for You? Ask Billy!

I’ve supplied and installed countless Centurion gate motors so you can be sure that I know my stuff. My customers trust me to deliver safety and convenience with feature-rich, market-leading products, and outstanding customer service.  


If your mind isn’t made up or you still have questions about Centurion gate motors, call me directly. You’ll always get Billy which is why this series of articles is called ‘Ask Billy’!

I’m here for you any time of the day and there’s no obligation to buy – I’m always looking for a reason to talk about gate motors (ask my wife, she’ll confirm this is true).

All Centurion products are backed with a two-year warranty that covers everything other than the batteries and any damage caused by lightning or poor installation.

Installation time will depend on the amount of trenching and digging to install cables. Gate motors are an electrical installation, so I recommend that customers be mindful of regulations and hire an installer if unqualified. Solar installations can be done by the customer, if competent.